ITF International Transport Workers' Federation | Campaign Branding

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) makes up around 700 unions and represents more than 4.5 million transport workers from 150 countries. They aim to promote respect for trade unions and fight for human rights worldwide. As well as provide general assistance to transport workers in difficulty.

alike creative. began working with ITF Australia in 2016 on various campaigns and brand hacks. The example below was completed in 2017 and aimed at targeting federal government MPs and ministers in Australia. The key messaging of 'Stop The Free Gas' became a simple logotype that utilised the graphic icon a drop of liquid gas falling from the word. It was applied to social media images, infographics and posters. Reinforcing the fact that our Government is giving away Australia's biggest natural resource to rich multinationals for free. The campaign was also featured on national current affairs programs and in news print.