alike creative. is an international design studio passionate about human rights, gender equality and social change. We work with NGOs and not-for-profits, as well as environmental, health and arts organisations globally. 

What drives us is realising your project’s potential. We bring our skills, and 20 years of experience to the table, but our egos we leave at the door. Our work isn’t about boosting our portfolio, or forcing our views on the ‘right’ way to design. It’s about seeing your campaign executed to satisfy your brief, and achieve the change you’re aiming for.

We often collaborate with illustrators and animators. When doing so we prioritise young women from the global south, ensuring they are compensated fairly for their work. As so often young women are not paid for their time and valuable contributions.

With our help, your ideas take shape. Complicated reports become interesting, inspiring products. Your messages are expressed in a way that’s intelligent, refreshing and serves your purpose.

Please contact alike creative today to discuss the options available for you.

Our full terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

Some of the primary services offered by alike creative include:
• Art direction and design of books, magazines, annual reports, posters and other printed material
• Identity and logo design, applied to business cards, stationery and online social media assets
• Event branding and creative development of awareness campaigns 
• Information graphics and creative solutions for data visualisation
• Strategic development support for advocacy and behaviour change communication
• T-shirt prints, clothing and merchandise graphics
• Illustration and artwork
• Web design, animation and video 

alike creative. can take your project directly through the entire production process. From brief to final product. When necessary, we can also offer assistance in communicating with printers and suppliers of all kinds of products and materials.


Steve Tierney
Art Director / Manager

I grew up around the coastal suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and have more than 20 years experience in design, art direction and creative communications.

Whilst graduating from Sydney Graphics College in 1997 I was a professional skateboarder, successfully managing a skateboard company throughout the late 1990's. I was fortunate to be able to share my skills and knowledge of that sport between 2011 and 2012, when I volunteered as a mentor and creative consultant for Skateistan Cambodia. A non-profit organisation connecting youth to educational opportunities, through skateboarding and art.

This experience was a pivotal moment in changing my design direction and client base. I was uninspired by the work I was doing. Having worked for a broad range of commercial and corporate business, publishing houses and advertising studios for many years.

My experience working with Skateistan led me to starting alike creative. Focusing on creative consulting for NGOs and not-for-profits internationally. Specifically in areas of youth development, human rights and gender equality. 

As a cis male I identify as a feminist and work towards gender equality, queering spaces and redistributing power in my art and design work. I recognise the need to be a strong ally and make space for women, girls and queer folk, and so it is politically important to me to prioritise collaborations with women, queer artists and designers, primarily from the global south wherever I can, working to centre their leadership and contributions, recognising the privilege I have, and working to redistribute power and visibility to feminist artists. 

Since 2011 I have lived in Cambodia, Argentina and Mexico. Developing a strong cultural sensitivity and value in cultural diversity. I also have a high level understanding of Spanish language. Having travelled extensively throughout Central and South America.

I enjoy coordinating artistic workshops, and other collaborative community projects. From teaching children and young adults in a diverse range of creative techniques, to exhibiting my own artwork along side local artists and friends. Since 2003 I've held solo and group exhibitions of my mixed media artwork internationally including Australia, Japan, Italy, Belgium and Mexico. This artwork can be viewed at my personal website

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