What Is A Homeland? | Art direction, Photography, Crowdfunding

'What Is A Homeland?' was a personal project inspired to raise awareness of the benefits for indigenous Australians living on the land passed on to them by their ancestors, known as homelands. It was funded through an Indiegogo campaign in 2011.

In late 2010, having spent 6 weeks volunteering in the Aboriginal homeland of Yilpara (also known as Baniyala) in North East Arnhem Land, my partner and I created this book based on interviews initiated with the community of Yilpara.

It is a self published educational booklet on cultural rights and the importance of homelands in Australia. All copies of the book were donated to the people involved, allowing them to share the positive aspects of their life with other visitors to their small community of 150 people. Several copies were also sent to key representatives within the Australian Government involved in policy making on indigenous issues.

There has been recent discussion with other communities in regards to publishing new editions based on various other homelands in the Northern Territory.