Skateistan Cambodia | T-shirt design, Logo design, Photography

Between August 2011 and December 2012, I worked as a volunteer for Skateistan Cambodia. During that time I assisted in coordinating skateboard classes and art workshops, mentoring disadvantaged youth and street kids, with a small team of international staff and Cambodian nationals.

As well as holding workshops and classes, I was instrumental in the design of various marketing material such as posters, T-shirts and event flyers, and was involved in the management of website content and updating of social media. I also developed and implemented a small, permanent on-site silk-screening facility under my own initiative.

Below are some examples of that work:

1. A Khmer language logo designed for use on merchandise and stationery.

2. Postcards featuring photography by Steve Tierney taken during skateboard classes with permission of the children and educational facilities involved.

3 & 4. Photography by Steve Tierney published in 'Skateistan - The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan' a book featuring stories, interviews and imagery from staff and students of all Skateistan's programs since 2007.