Pursat Prison Cambodia | Art coordination project

To celebrate the United Nations International Human Rights Day in December 2012, legal aid organisation, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) sought to bring creative workshops into Pursat prison, Cambodia. As an artist, I was invited to participate along with a large group of international and Cambodian lawyers, musicians, dancers other artists.

Teaming up with my friend and colleague at the time, Alix Buck, we created a graphic image, which the prisoners could apply to small flags using silk screens provided as part of an art workshop on the day.

Each participant was given a copy of the International Declaration of Human Rights and asked to share their own message of what human rights means to them, as well as voicing any thoughts or wishes they had for themselves. Once completed the flags were strung up in the recreation yard in the style of Tibetan prayer flags so people could walk around and read the messages within.

All of the artists involved volunteered their time for this project. Materials were paid for by International Bridges to Justice.

Photos © samjamphoto.com  |  Concept and flag graphic designed by Steve Tierney