NoVo Foundation | Art Direction, Event Installation, Collage

In September 2019 alike creative. was invited to New York to collaborate with the NoVo Foundation and a small group of young feminist activists on the design of an event for the 2nd Girls' Funds Convening, which was held in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It was seen as an important opportunity for members of International Girls' Funds to seed new and deepen existing relationships for collaboration in 2020 and beyond.

As part of the activation Steve Tierney was asked to create 20 collage artworks that were printed on giant 2x3m banners and hung within the Atrium of the Botanic Gardens. Each of the images featured the inspiring, complex and unfiltered words of girls' stories of resistance against patriarchal violence, racism and other forms of oppression within their own lives. 

One year on from the event alike creative. worked with the same team to create a webpage and social media campaign in order to share those stories with the broader community of girl activists and social justice movements around the world. Sample imagery of the banners and webpage can be seen below.